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       Helping Small Business Owners Thrive in Changing Times


   Our Value Proposition:

We work with start-ups and business owners who struggle to get clients, manage and plan effectively. We get the challenges you go through each day. We are faced with rapid change personally, professionally and on the planet it seems these days.

We have developed coaching, consulting and learning programs, products and services that help you have success in this new business climate that we are in.

You will have our support and #commitment to you getting the purpose, passion, the processes and practical hope back in what you do.

The end result is that we give you the tools, the right coaching, learning programs, ideas and strategies to succeed, grow and love your business!

Hi, welcome to the David Cohen Group.

It is all about #Commitment…

It is about Commitment at the David Cohen Group. From how you run your business, or live your life.

We want you to know that we are committed to you and your success.

Why is this important?

Because, quite simply, being successful is great, but if you don’t have your health, or good people in your life, good friends, family, a time to socialize, give back to community, time for yourself to rest and rejuvenate, then this where cracks appear and you compromise your life and bottom line.


Commitment to you, valuing and  embracing you.  To living fully, to your learning, to your personal and professional growth, to improving skill sets, your health, balance, business, community and your bottom line….

When you have a day where you can be committed to your social, family, health, business/work, financial, spiritual, and learning goals, have been met, you live in the “Zone”…a day well lived!

The David Cohen Group is a coaching and learning company, that supports today’s small business owners to thrive!…We are a community and collaboration of supportive coaches, healers, counselors and experts.

Our programs are about you having the edge you need to run your life, businesses and maintain your health and well-being in the process!

We offer leading edge business development programs, webcasts, podcasts, live events, books, video, resources, ideas and new thinking to help you thrive in these changing times.

Make this site your home. Be in touch with us. Stay connected. Be #Committed
Just do well!

David Cohen

If you’re business owner looking to grow, adapt and succeed, then let’s talk! 

About us:

Our Core Offering:

As you dive deeper into this website you can learn more about our core offer and sign up to work with our team of coaches and facilitators. Our core services include:
  1. One-on-one strategic business coaching with me or one of our team members…
  2. Business Plans, planning, creating your vision, mission and value proposition and the framework from where your business can succeed! 
  3. Learning programs with a roster of experts that empower and educate you and or your team such as sales/marketing training, social media learning, business planning, personality assessments, team building, strategic planning, success thinking.
  4. Personality Dimensions-Personality assessments
  5. Counseling from a spiritual or psycho-spiritual framework, to help you find balance, meaning and purpose in today’s world of business. Plus, we have a health and fitness coach as well to help you get your “Mojo” back.
  6. Plus, we have a new podcast called RiSE-Rise-up Inspire (Impactful), Socially Aware, Entrepreneurs
  7.  We also offer learning programs in webinar based formats, access to events, online networking, special events, small business news. Everything we share is geared to you having the tools, connections, services to help you succeed. 
  8. Access our revised book, “The Weekly 3”, 3 Weekly Ideas to Turbo Charge your life and business on Amazon! Gain the “know how” you need and buy our updated edition of the Weekly 3!
  9. Connect, have some fun and learn at our business events
  10. Monthly articles in Home Business Magazine



Meet our team:

At the David Cohen Group, we have assembled a pretty solid team of business professionals that can help you achieve the results you want to see have happen with your business or work.
From developing some cool marketing and sales strategies, to reviewing your numbers and financial situation, or developing your business plan.  Or, maybe you are blocked and need a new perspective, we have our healing professionals, counselors Rachael Thompson and Andrew Burnham.
We have also added a master at helping you relax and de-stress too with meditations by Marilu Tapia.
All of our collaborative coaches, can help you get your MOJO back and re-ignite your passion.
Talking of Health and Fitness, Emmy Rousseau, will help you level up on your health and fitness goals too! 
Or our business coaches, Colleen Lindberg and Nicole Jansen all are vibrant and progressive in their approach and love to help clients truly succeed.
We are all about bringing BALANCE,  joy, success, fun, purpose and passion back into the work and the businesses you run and do.
Book a complimentary 30-minute consultation today and let’s see if we are a fit to do great collaborative work! Where you can say,  “I am loving what I am doing”.

Let's have a chat and spark the magic!

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