It is Canada Day, time to embrace our values and to continue to be a stand for them!


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It is July 1st…Canada Day. One of the things that most people that live in Canada like about being here, are the values we share.

Values like peace, honouring differences, accepting different cultures and religions, education, making a contribution, hard work, equality, co-existing, fun, and a sense of kindness and a sense of humour. I mean what other country calls a National holiday the May 2-4 weekend (after  case of beer), when it is Queen Victoria day?

What other country calls it’s currency a Loonie and a Toonie? That is a one dollar coin with a loon on it and the two dollar coin has a polar bear on it…but we call it a Loonie and a Toonie.

What other country can come together en masse (millions of us) and stop and watch a Gold Medal hockey game at the Olympics or Canada play Russia in hockey back in 1972, or watch Gord Downie and the Tragically Hip perform one last time at a mid-summer’s night concert in Kingston, just to honour his fighting spirit and the love he shares for his work, fans, music and country?

What other country do people come together over a coffee and donut at Tim Horton’s or outside at a bus stop on the middle of winter and ask a complete stranger, is it cold enough for ya?

What other country has so many cultures and nationalities living in peace and harmony in our major cities?

Where there is access to health care, parks, soccer fields aplenty, nature, water, where you can be anything you want and do anything you want (within the law) and within reason.

Where you can have religious freedom…and where leaders from differing religious ideologies, work towards peace and understanding?

The values of being a Canadian are something to behold.

Plus, we know how to laugh at ourselves? Bob and Doug MacKenzie tell us to “Take off eh”?  Or Sean Majumber who is of Pakistani descent and grew up in Newfoundland calls himself a “Poofie” and Russell Peters who shares a loving look at what is like to grow up in Brampton among other new immigrants from India !

When you examine our true values it is something to behold and embrace!

When as a community we honour the elderly, we work hard for our kids…

But, it isn’t all perfect…we need to be better…

We need to take care of the young and old even better

We need to honour our indigenous people

We need to work for peace even harder

We need to work on making communities stronger

We need to build abundance and wealth for all

We need to maintain good health and health care for all

We need equality for women, child and man!

We need to laugh

We need to be leaders in business, science and in the environment!

But overall we need to embrace the values, the good, the inclusion and the peace we have by living in this country. These are good values to live by and to embrace if you live, have a business or work in Canada!

On this July 1st. let’s know that our shared values are something to behold, let’s continue to be decent to one another, let’s strive to be better citizens, business owners, government workers and leaders, teachers and people!

Happy Canada Day…eh?

David Cohen



David is an author, business coach and facilitator and was the former host/producer and creator of the Small Business Big Ideas Show heard weekly for over 9 years. David has taught thousands over the years in both the non-profit and for profit sectors and has coached hundreds of start-ups to make those important first steps. He specializes in helping small business owners mine their strengths, get clear on their value, their markets and then begin to develop a sales and marketing game plan that gets results.

He also can be booked to do his keynote presentations; “The 8 Keys to Success, How I got to Kiss the Stanley Cup and his new keynote called “A breakthrough-through the glass”- how to overcome the fear that life and business might throw your way. He leads workshops in sales, marketing, market research, business plans, target marketing and customer service programs. David is currently with the City of Toronto, heading up an entrepreneur training program for inner city youth and adults. He has taught thousands and coached numerous clients in the area of Small Business Start-ups and business growth strategies.