What are your non negotiables?

A non negotiable are qualities, actions and things that people do, that can make or break a relationship. Addictions might be non negotiables. Or having an affair on the other person if you are married or living in common-law.


The dictionary defines it as this:

Something that is non-negotiable cannot be changed by discussion:

That is a pretty tough stance to take. It suggests your mind is made up, there is no turning back.


But before you do anything rash, feel into the process of what is non-negotiable for you?

In a business context it could be the lack of work one of your business partners tries to get away with, or that they make key decisions without your say-so!


It could be a client is late paying you, or mistreats you, what is your PITA point, where you let that client go? (PITA=Pain in the ass).

Whatever the situation there are boundaries that need to be set in business, relationships and if you work. Personally, I have sought out new opportunities when one boundary has been crossed. If it is several areas, then for sure I begin to make tracks.


I caution you to not do this in haste or in anger. But allow the feelings of leaving a negative situation where boundaries have been crossed to flow through.


Communication about your feelings with the other person is critical. Do your best to work it out if you can and be open, real and do not make the other person wrong in doing so. That is shaming someone and that to me is one of my non negotiables!


If talking things out doesn’t work, then begin to let the loss of the relationship flow through. Journal about it, seek counseling, scream alone in your car. feel the pain of the loss and be okay with it.


The next key step is to then set goals and an action plan that will get you out of a negative personal, work or business relationship.


You have to be a bit selfish here and take care of you first!


Once you have a new job, business situation or details about leaving a matrimonial home set up, then communicate the change with the other person and do your best to end things on a non-confrontational note.


Will the other person be hurt? Will they be angry? Will they try and bring you down? Yes to it all!


But, in the end you have to do what is best for you!


Ideally with any close relationship you’re in, set rules and boundaries first. Plan for the best, but prepare for the worst…


In a relationship some non-negotiables include: addictions, laziness, bad money management, physical anger, insulting you, putting you down, are they active or do they sit around all day, are they financially stable or working on it, do they have ambition, are they success minded and are they caring and kind?


In a business or work context, the list is similar in a sense isn’t it? You want a boss or business partner that is not quick to anger, or be verbally abusive, is responsible, open, honest, good with money, see’s the big picture, takes care of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, that they are authentic and stable and ambitious too!


So, what are your non-negotiables?



Personally mine are mostly around self-care…I don’t compromise this for anyone and they allow me to be my best for others in my life and include;


  1. My health, I do my best to be healthy, even though I carry extra weight (I am on a new eating regimen and have taken off about 12 pounds in3 weeks), I love walking every day, I get rest and tend to my mental health needs too!

2. Morning routines, I have a morning routine I need to do Monday-Friday. It is non-negotiable. It consists of doing a gratitude journal, writing my affirmations, meditating and walking or exercising, this is key to my personal success!

3. Striving for balance. Spending time with my work, family, social, spiritual time, time to rest, enjoy music, exercise…I find if I strive for balance, all areas of life are served and no one feels that they don’t matter. If I was in a romantic relationship, then I would devote time to that as well, but not out of proportion to the other key areas that matter.

4.Being in integrity as best as I can. I have my moments, but in the end I will come through!


What are your non-negotiables? What are things you must do to be there for other?

What is a deal breaker when it comes to the actions others do to you?

This week, get clear, communicate through challenges with others, set goals, don’t make them wrong, be compassionate, but hold true to your truth and what you need too!

Make it a great week and have a Happy Labour Day!