The new face of leadership…

Wow, if you step back and look at all the events going on in the world these days, it is really quite staggering to witness.

You need to give thanks for being safe and okay. You need to give thanks for having a roof over your head, food to eat, friends to share time with and family to be with.

What I believe is happening in today’s world is massive change. Trump, whether you like him or not, is affecting great change, he is stirring things up.

A hurricane, an earthquake, a missile going off in Korea over Japan, floods in South Asia, attacks in the middle east…have you noticed an intensity about it?

It is a huge wake up call to humanity.

To me it is saying “STOP”!

Stop the violence towards one another

Stop throwing your garbage out onto a street

Stop polluting

Stop with letting your past rule the present

Stop hurting yourself

Stop having your head in the sand about what is going on and I promise you this…no amount of retail therapy or hording money is going to matter one day!

To me, the new face of leadership is someone who can deal with their past and forgive, let go, be at peace with what has happened and learn the lessons so that they can love who they are and be able to bring their best to the world each day.


The new kind of leader listens to their body and may need to re-energize, rest, meditate, connect with nature, read, learn, or just be still!

The new kind of leader empowers others.

The new kind of leader is real with their shortcomings and brings in others who can help them achieve good goals for all involved.

The new kind of leader listens, asks questions and does the right thing for all involved.

The new kind of leader lives a life of integrity.

Is appreciative.

The new kind of leader acknowledges the gifts and contributions of others.

The new kind if leader is ready to do something.

They recognize what needs working on and what needs to be amended or repairing and they devote time, attention and right action towards making positive changes.

They don’t blame

They see opportunity

They have a vision and share it

They value community and diversite

They are real and authentic

They don’t have to have all of the answers

They cry too

They love to laugh as well

They love to see things through to completion!

They act, but they assess, research, get the opinions of others and then formulate a plan.

The new leader today, works on themselves.

Are you ready to step up? Are you ready to let go of how you look? It isn’t about looking good or getting the best share prices for your company anymore.

It is about doing what needs doing for the good of all.

It isn’t about greed, not in a time of crisis and if you haven’t looked around we are in a big time of crisis…from environmental disasters, to our own lives. To the systems, the debt, the hatred, the diseases, the economy, government, to the health care system, it is in need of new ideas, new directions and as the quote states… “It is time for all good men to rise above principle” by Huey Long.

Other modifications of this quote include it is time to come to the aid of the party and or rise to aid their country!

The bottom line is we need to summons up the leader in all of us and start contributing to the good of the planet, put your doubts, fears, pasts, short-comings away and be in action in a way that speaks to you.

You may like working with animals…if so do it!

Or working with youth and our future leaders then do it

Or working with the environment, then do it!

Go make it happen, lead…if you are thinking about something you’d like to change, then work on it…build community, get help to assist you and do it.

That is the face of the new leadership…we need to Seize the Day, Carpe Diem, in order to have brighter days ahead!

Make it a good week!