How to go on a winning streak, miracles happen, the importance of celebrating success and some other thoughts!


I have to come clean with you this week. When I write my success articles, I have no clue as to what I am going to write about until I sit down at my desktop (yes I have one of those still) and meditate on what on earth I am going to write about this week.

In fact, last night I thought I would blow off even writing at all today, I thought, “Oh I will take a break and just sleep in or something.”

Well, it is 5:50 am on Saturday morning and I am now ready to write, coffee is made, it is a quiet mellow morning, I have Jazz FM (91.1) on, to soothe me with the music and a topic came to me while meditating about what on earth it was I needed to share with you today.

This week, I am thinking of a few things. To quote the late Johnny Carson, when he did the Carnac the Magnificent skit with Ed McMahon on the Tonight Show back in the 60’s 70’s and into the late 80’s … “I see all and will tell all…hand me the envelope oh large one…Miracles, Good one, so celebrate and Structure”!

Then Ed would ask the great Carnac, what he meant and Carnac, (Johnny Carson) would have a joke about what Miracles, good one and structure meant. It was a great skit they would do…and for those of you reading this who don’t remember this, below is a clip of Johnny doing Carnac!

But first, let me set up what I mean by miracles, good one and structure…What I mean is that these are the topics I want to delve into this week…but first the clip of Carnac the Magnificent, enjoy the nostalgia and humour!

I just watched the clip above and it is amazing that what Carnac predicted is still relevant today. He mentions Oprah and Trump at the end…this was done back in 1989…it is really quite something to have a career and success that lasts that long which leads me to our first topic.

Systems and Structure’

What does it take to have success in today’s changing marketplace? To start. It is about how you structure your business or work or life.

Everything we do should have some thought about how we approach it. This in spiritual talk is known as consciousness. It is about being aware of what you are doing.

Lord knows we do a lot of our day in a way where we are pre-programmed robots…for example have you ever driven somewhere and weren’t quite sure how you got there? We need to stop, appreciate each moment of our lives, work, businesses and take stock.

If one element of your life needs work or you want to just improve on it, then you have to change what you do and how you structure it.

Let’s say you want to lose weight, or make more money. You need to become aware of what you are eating and track the food. It may surprise you as to what you do eat and how much of it you eat. In order to take off some pounds, you need to re-structure and develop a new eating regimen or plan, it is that simple, less in, weight off!

Or let’s say you want to earn more money, increase your sales. You need to become aware of a few things here…one is how you spend your time in your business or life if you work and want to make more money.

You need to maximize your time. Can you give the bookkeeping to a bookkeeper to do, while you get on the phone and call new clients to begin the “process” of getting more sales and thus more money?

What is your structure or system to generate more business and or sales in general? You need to step back and analyze what is working or not working and then make adjustments, putting new tactics, systems and structure in place and work it.

If you work at a J-O-B and you want to earn more money and the boss said no to a raise, you have a choice, you begin the process of looking for another gig or you really look at your use of time and see where it is in your week you a) could get a part-time job or b) begin a side hustle, (start a business). Maybe you rent a table at a flea market, or you sell products online, or you develop affiliate programs with products and services you life and each time someone buys from you, you make money!

The bottom line is you need to look at how you do things, what the system and structure is like in your life, work or business and know that for change to happen you need to shift the systems or structures.

Know that there s nothing wrong with you, we all do our best, it is just a matter of deciding, planning for change and to change the steps we take towards reach our goals and objectives!

As I close off on discussing the notion of structures and systems…here is an interview with author and business owner, Sam Carpenter. Here he talks about his book, “Work the System”.

I have just read this book and am a believer of the importance of creating structure and systems in order to overcome challenges and to get better results.

Enjoy this 5 minute interview!


A miracle is an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws.

This week, I noticed a miracle…one oddly enough was the 21 game winning streak for the Cleveland Indians. They tied and broke some winning streak records in Major League Baseball. To win 21 straight games to me is a miracle. That means they played their ultimate best for 3 weeks.

It is not an easy feat, believe me. It takes something special.

Other miracles include the fact that there weren’t more deaths with Hurrican Irma, creating chaos and havoc in the East Atlantic (south).

Or a baby was born, a child got an “A” on their first bit of homework this new school year…or that I can load a video on here and you can watch it.

Here is the lesson for this week, take time to notice the miracles of everyday life. We seem to be bombarded big time by the tragedies of life when you watch the news, to a point that we forget the miracles.

Trust me, when you open your eyes, there are more things happening in your life that are good, then not…and there are opportunities for new, for new ideas, for you to start something, learn something, create something than not.

So be in action this week, and wake up to miracles, maybe you will go on a 21 game winning streak too this month!

Celebrate Success:

For those reading this, that don’t know me, my work has me running an entrepreneur start-up training program for the City of Toronto. I am kind of the “chief cook and bottle washer” as far as this program is concerned.

One of the keys to it’s success begins with the mission and intention I set ahead of each training program. We deliver 4 co-horts a year.

My goal is for the program to be the best of it’s kind in the City and to create an atmosphere of learning and growth for the participants to thrive in.

Yesterday we had a guest presenter come in and talk about financial literacy. I sat in on some of it and I saw the group of current participants and I smiled inside, why you ask?

They were engaged, participating, learning and asking questions. Lives were being changed.

Then the group broke for lunch. They had the option of leaving or staying to work on developing their business plans, which for this program is they key to each of them getting a start-up grant to put back into their business.

So some people left, but more than half stayed. They were helping each other, talking, doing horoscope readings and asking me questions.

I have to tell you, the mission of creating a great learning program and having participants being engaged, was evident yesterday and I stepped back and smiled, happy in the outcomes…I pat myself on the back and having that knowing deep inside trumps any kudo’s I might get from management or family.

What I am getting at it is the good feeling you have about you doing great work is way more important then looking for someone outside of us to validate us.

When you know you are doing amazing, enjoy that feeling, celebrate the knowing of it and honour your own successes…

Now make it a great week.

I hope you learned some good things with this week’s “Success Article”



David is an author, business coach, and facilitator and was the former host/producer and creator of the Small Business Big Ideas Show heard weekly for over 9 years. David has taught thousands over the years in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors and has coached hundreds of start-ups to make those important first steps. He specializes in helping small business owners mine their strengths, get clear on their value, their markets and then begin to develop a sales and marketing game plan that gets results.

He also can be booked to do his keynote presentations; “The 8 Keys to Success, How I got to Kiss the Stanley Cup and his new keynote called “A breakthrough-through the glass”- how to overcome the fear that life and business might throw your way. He leads workshops in sales, marketing, market research, business plans, target marketing and customer service programs. David is currently with the City of Toronto, heading up an entrepreneur training program for inner city youth and adults. He has taught thousands and coached numerous clients in the area of Small Business Start-ups and business growth strategies.