Cool ways to beat stress and overcome the challenges that you have this Holiday Season

Hi and Happy Holidays!

I guess it is safe to say the holiday season is upon us. With that there is running around to do, parties to attend, Christmas concerts, obligations, shopping in the mall, cooking, family events to go to and even visiting those that are sick or elderly in the hospital or at a elder care facility.

The bottom line is it is a busy time of year. With a lot of stress…

How can we manage that stress so that we keep calm for Christmas?

Well for starters, remember that Christmas is one day out of the year. Lose your attachment to the notion everything has to be perfect. Life is not perfect. Life has it’s beautiful moments and it’s kick ass challenges. So learn to let go of how it has to be.

Opt for the simple this holidays. Don’t overdo it. That means don’t overspend, over eat and over drink…you can only do what you can do…if you can’t afford more for those that you love, that is okay. You can do something nice later in the year.

Set a budget for yourself and see if you can go under!

Set a goal to not gain weight

Exercise regularly to beat back the holiday stress!

Make it goal, not to conform to what you cannot do…it is totally okay to only do what you can do!!!


Lose the fear that maybe, just maybe you are having any financial challenges and just can’t afford to do what you normally do. Be okay and kind to yourself, without going into deeper debt.

People that matter will understand and if they don’t understand then they may not be people that truly matter.

If you are feeling blue, commit to giving back to someone less fortunate than you. Visit an old age home, hang with the homeless, and serve up a meal, go to Sick-kids hospital and volunteer some time at Christmas.

I remember a time when things were bleak over the holidays (about 20 years ago) and I made it a point to give back. I volunteered my time at a Church for their “Out of the Cold” homeless shelter program and I sat and was there for those that were sleeping overnight at the Church, to get out of the cold!

I worked the midnight to 3 am shift and boy, as bad as I had it at that point, others have it worse. It makes you appreciate the good things. It felt good to be there for those that couldn’t sleep that Christmas Eve and those that longed for something better.

Remember to breathe, meditate, and maybe even if you can go for a massage, or get a Reiki (energy) treatment, to help you overcome the stress of the holidays.

Connect with people that matter and instead of going for an expensive dinner out, have coffee, or a pot luck dinner and movie or games night!

Pace yourself, if this is a difficult time of year, focus on what you want to have happen in the new year and take this time of year to think of better days, new goals, ahead in 2018!

Don’t go it alone, yes, the holidays can be a lonely time, it seems that whatever is maybe not going well in your life, it get’s magnified during the holidays and sometimes, seeing your friends and even family whooping it up, when you can’t, leaves you feeling a bit off.

Accept what is and know it is temporary!

All things ebb and flow and change, so will any challenges you might have.

Learn to accept and trust. Trust all is great, even when they might not seem like it.

So, this holiday season, you can enjoy it…you don’t need to over do it and you can have peace on earth, you just need to take some new actions and shift the negative thinking to gratitude thinking!

Practice gratitude for all things in your life!

Here are 5 fun low cost things you can do to celebrate the holidays:

  1. Go to events at your local library…they have some great things you can do!
  2. Tap into a Christmas concert at a Church, these are usually pay what you can and or on a donation basis
  3. Volunteer sometime to those that need it
  4. Have a pot luck party…games night, movie night etc.
  5. Hit the skating rinks, the Cavalcade of Lights at Toronto’s City Hall is happening soon, and they have music, skating and they turn on the Christmas lights too!

So pace yourself, go for a winter nature trail walk with a friend and have some hot cocoa after…

There are little things you can do to lift your holiday spirits and have peace on earth this holiday season! Make it a challenge that no matter what life is like, that you are going to have a great Holiday Season!

Next week, we will look at some cool ideas and ways to give back to your clients, staff and stakeholders!