How to keep your goal setting momentum going as we are 3 weeks into 2018

Let’s face it, those goals, the objectives, the new initiatives you set out to accomplish at the end of last year or at the start of this year, might be waning a little.

Maybe it is too cold to do what it is you want to do. Or maybe it is Donald Trump’s fault, or worse, the new wage hike put in place by the Ontario Liberals on January 1st, has you in a tizzy, to a point where you can’t accomplish anything!

Oh and to make matters really awful, Tim Horton’s is raising their prices on their breakfast menu…I mean if that doesn’t stop you, what will?

I am being a bit cheeky, because these events must not stop you.

Trust that this is the year to put in place what is near and dear to your heart. This is the year to step out and up! This is the year to make the things you want to see happen, happen!

This is the year to live from your passion! This is the year that we need to make right action happen in this crazy world!

If you find you are losing the edge and the momentum of your goals, get help immediately.

I recommend you call a buddy to brainstorm with.

I recommend you get and put an accountability partner into place. This is someone in business too, that you can bounce ideas off of, share goals and that they can hold you accountable to making them happen and happen easier and sooner!

I recommend you put a mastermind team in place to help you really turbo-charge your business objectives and goals. Meet once a month, share successes, brainstorm on challenges, get the emotional kick in the butt you need to keep going.

I mean this year, ask yourself, “Why not do it”? “Why not follow through”? “Why not get out of my comfort zone”?

If you are losing momentum, get help, talk to someone, re-commit, stretch the time lines then to help you create more time on the goals and objectives you are wanting to see realized this year.

Here is a fabulous info-graphic I did up to give you more ideas about where you can go to get help on achieving the big things you want to achieve!

The info graphic includes; Talking to your bank people, form an advisory group, tap into the local economic development office, network, attend conferences, lectures, trade shows, surround yourself with the right people and have clear concise goals and action plans to make it all happen.

Whether it is a little goal or a big initiative, don’t lose the hope and the momentum and truly believe, good things will happen!

Here is to your success!

Cheers/David Cohen