It is time to be a “Spiritual Warrior”

We’re now into the 5th month of this “new year”. It has been a year of shocking events, craziness, uncertainty, rising prices, we are seeing more anger, more issues around mental health and people acting out in rage big time!

I try and see the glass half-full, but sometimes, I just don’t.

Sometimes, I lose hope.

I wish I had better news, but when I see the ills on the planet I too get sad and wonder if it will ever get better. What will it take for life for people on earth to really improve? Is this this the best it can be?


I wonder about this. I wonder on thew subway ride on the way in to work, or when I am on  a walk, I wonder why we are not making the planet and life on it,  go into over drive and really vastly improve for all of us.

I pray for equality, peace, abundance, great work, health, joy, goodness, acceptance and love. I truly believe that there is enough healing to do and work to be done to mend the world, where no one should be unemployed.

We need to clean up the oceans, our streets, to promote love, peace and community.

It is going to take a lot of man/womenpower and love to heal this world we live in!

When I feel down or lost hope, when I have moments of doubt, feeling as if nothing is getting better…it makes me lose that zest for life!

Oh and to make matters worse I usually get an unexpected bill in the mail to top it off!

What happens to you when you feel this way? Does the news of the day makes you feel at a loss? How does it make you feel when you lose that hope at times? Not that good, huh?

I agree…how can being uncertain, worried, fearful, indecisive, afraid and unsure really ever feel good?

I think it’s time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the party. This was a phrase used as a typing drill by a teacher named Charles E. Weller. Incidentally, many typing books now use the variant “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” instead, because it exactly fills out a 70-space line if you put a period at the end.

It has been used to ignite us into action though and action is what we all need to take.

Given the realities of the day and the things you hear about in the news. It’s time for us to become what I call, (and others have too), a “Spiritual Warrior”.

This can take on many meanings for us but to me when I think of a “Spiritual Warrior” I think of someone who is going to be sure in their own thoughts, who believes that good will happen, who is impervious to negativity and fights against bad news and negativity like 10 “Supermen”.

I think it’s time to “amp” up the positive—in our thoughts, in what we say and in what we do. You see a great deal of marketing tactics that focus on the negative or that instill fear in order to get you to change your buying habits.

Although this formula works, I just am not buying into it. Tony Robbins, the master of personal growth and development, states in his book Awaken the Giant Within that people do things for two reasons: one is to avoid pain and the other is to have more pleasure. This “Pain and Pleasure” principle was and is used in today’s marketing messages.

For example, do you want to get that hot date? Well, if you have dandruff you’ll never get that woman you want, but with our magic potion you can rid yourself of dandruff and have that hot date! Aw, yes, the pain and pleasure principle at work in our advertising and marketing messages.

Recently I had the pleasure of leading a training session to youth entrepreneurs and in doing so I came to the realization that when you are making a cold call and you phone someone (a prospective client) out of the blue, you’ve got to be super positive as to how your company is going to get that client results or how your business is going to solve your prospective client’s pain.

You’ve got to know the key core benefits your business venture can offer someone else and you’ve got to be able to communicate that to potential clients. Benefits – cost = value—that’s the value equation.

If you don’t know what your business can do for others or why your clients like you and buy from you then you better find out, and fast!

In sales you’ve got to “amp” up the positive and show your value to each and every prospect and client you have. This means a mindset change too.

In business or in a work situation,  you’ve got to believe in yourself and what it is you do. You’ve got to believe so strongly that you’re not going to quit until you get in your client’s door (unless of course the client is rude, not fun to deal with and there is just no hope at all in getting through to that client).

Now, if there is an opening, even a slight opportunity, then you have to stick with it and nurture the client until such time that client needs what you have or has an upcoming need and wants to learn more about you and your products/services.

You must nurture your client in a positive way (don’t overdo it, there is a fine line between coming on too hot and heavy and being pleasantly persistent) and stick with a client until the sale. It may mean numerous calls, contacts, discussions or meetings before prospective clients give you the opportunity to give a quote and are willing to sign the bottom line and do business with you.

If you don’t believe in yourself then why will your client or prospect?

The other aspect of mindset is that you have to have drive. I say be pleasantly persistent with a prospective client until you get a lawyer’s letter to cease and desist or you get physically hauled out of the building. Studies show it takes seven to nine contacts to get a deal. I believe in this kind of economy it’s actually more than that; sales cycles are longer right now.

Besides having drive and determination…the idea of “amping” up the positive, and a belief in yourself, there are a few other aspects that will help you to be successful in running and selling your business.

In order to become a “Spiritual Warrior” in your business venture you’ve also got to have patience. There is a Hindu expression I just love that talks of patience: “Have patience! In time even grass becomes milk.” That means that in time even something so impossible becomes possible—grass becomes milk. How on earth does that happen? Well, think of it for a moment. Cows graze and eat grass and eventually what they eat becomes milk. The impossible becomes possible.

Have patience…stay with it, have belief, be positive and totally sure about what you do.

What other traits do you need to be in business and have that “Spiritual Warrior” mentality? You’ve got to work well in teams. If you think you’ve got to do it all on your own…go for it…but that’s the hard route. You’ve got to be able to lead others—to have them buy into your dream and vision for your business.

Getting help in your business in the areas you need it can be liberating. Think of it this way: by getting the help you need and leading others your venture has an opportunity to grow, you free up more time for yourself, you hire others and actually help to keep the economy growing.

On the other hand, when you do things on your own, you limit growth, you limit free time and you get mired in the muck (as it were) working on the aspects of the business you don’t like. So a good “Spiritual Warrior” leads others as well.

Think back to how we started this article. We talked about the feelings and emotions we are experiencing in this economy—uncertainty, fear and indecisiveness. Once you begin to don your “Spiritual Warrior” mentality your feelings totally change.

The new feelings include being positive, having drive, patience and looking to hire and lead others. Do you feel a difference in yourself as you take on those character traits and wear your “Spiritual Warrior” hat?

There are two other key characteristics to take on…and one of them is not to take ” no” personally.

Question the no…determine why you got a negative response to your idea, your pitch, your products or service, learn from the no and refine how you present what it is you do and the approach you are taking.

Let negative results roll off of you like water off of a duck’s back. Let it go. Learn from it…but let it go. You’re bound to hear no from clients…especially when you’re cold calling or prospecting. But you’ve got to be okay with the no. (Remember it’s no right now and maybe not forever.) At least keep the lines of communication open…and play for that day when a no becomes maybe and the maybe becomes a yes!!!

The last trait a good “Spiritual Warrior” needs is to have certainty. If you think back to when Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt after years of being slaves in that land, you know that they needed absolute certainty to part the Red Sea. Everyone had to have the same focus and thoughts in order to manifest the parting of the Red Sea. I mean how else do you pull that off? It’s the power of the mind, prayer, visualization…it’s about having absolute certainty that no matter how bleak things look now that in the end everything is going to work out. It means that all hands have to be on deck.

I remember hearing Trey Anthony, the producer and writer of the play Da Kink in my Hair, speak about the early days of trying to get her play launched. There were many obstacles to overcome to get the play seen and to get it to a stage. There was doubt among the cast members that the play would ever take off. Doubt kills certainty. Trey Anthony had certainty! She inspired her team to believe; they took a long-term approach and worked really hard to fill the seats. Of course they marketed like heck too!

The play went from the Fringe Festival to Mirvish Productions to Global TV then to New York and to this day, she is still creating content that inspires others!

It took vision, patience, tenacity, belief, certainty, and team work—all of the characteristics of a “Spiritual Warrior”.

As I conclude this posting I really encourage you to become a “Spiritual Warrior” and put these feelings and emotions to use for you.

To recap…the key traits to succeed include:

Have a strong belief in what you do for others—that what you’re selling, doing or making is really about making a positive difference for someone else.

Amp up the positive. Focus on results you get for your clients and/or the good things you do for them.

Have unwavering drive.

Be patient.

Lead others to help you run your venture.

Be okay with hearing no. Question it, seek to understand the “no” and how you can improve on the way you present and what you offer others.

Have absolute certainty!

Once you take these traits on…you’ll see that it feels much better than feeling fear, uncertainty, indecisiveness and worry.

So, step up to the plate, don your “Spiritual Warrior” gear and swing for the stars this month!