Have a plan “B” and focus on what can be “NEXT”!


This week was an interesting week…it was a week of cancelled meetings and scheduling issues…

As frustrating as that can be, it is always good to have a plan “B”.

What is your plan “B”?

I think in this day and age of change, or when the unexpected happens, it is important to have a plan “B”.

You need to be able to pivot. Because change happens fast these days.

Hold onto your vision, but have a plan “B”…

People can change their mind in a moment, some event can come out of the blue in a heart beat, change can happen in a split second decision.

Being prepared for change, or when something you were hoping for or were expecting might change or not go as you were hoping for!

I feel it is important to prepare for sudden change, or disappointments in life and in business/work!

It could be as simple as a client not showing up for a meeting, but then putting your attention to another task. That task could be business development, or as mundane (and important) as cleaning your desk!

The key is to have a solid back-up plan!

What if you lost a job, are you prepared to spring into action? Do you have a goal, or a dream to work on?

What if you lost a major account, do you have a plan to open up new accounts?

My sense is you need to be prepared for the unexpected, be it loss, change, or a sudden catastrophe! Also, be prepared for good things too!!!

You might get that account, or the deal, or a new gig…don’t give up…but have that back-up plan just in case. You never know, you may have 2 job offers, or you may get two new clients!!!

The bottom line is be prepared for the worst but work towards the best possible outcomes or better!

Next time, an appointment cancels, last minute, or doesn’t show, think…what’s next, what else needs to be worked on?

Next time a deal falls through, think of what clients you want to approach next!

Next time the job you want doesn’t come through, think of 5 more companies you want to work for and reach out to them!


When it doesn’t go the way you were hoping, think of what you can do “NEXT”…and remember what NEXT stands for…it is not so bad now, is it?




T-The right thing awaits!

Now go make it a great week!