Summer reads…A 3 part series of Great Books to inspire, teach and get amazing results!

It is the Victoria Day weekend, here in Canada and I am wishing you a good long holiday weekend. I hope you are spending it just the way you want to…with family, in the garden, going out and about or simply just relaxing!

Let’s not forget seeing replays of the wedding from yesterday too!

As summer approaches…I want to share some books that will teach, inspire and get you living life a bit differently!

This will be a 3 part series as there are quite a few books. Of note, these are non-fiction books that will help you most if you are in business for yourself or have a good career going!

I want to start this with a book I read last summer. I think the one I liked the most was by Mel Robbins. Mel is a former lawyer, turned broadcaster, turned life in a mess and then she tells the tale of how a rule she developed helped her “Get off” being the way she was being!

She is now a fabulous keynote speaker, teacher, author and life is more inline as she lives and teachers the 5 Second Rule. I won’t give away the details, but this is valuable book if you want to make change, but you procrastinate!

Here too is a link to a wonderful interview she did last year about the book with Lewis Howes and his “School of Greatness” podcasts…it is about 59 minutes, but worth the watch!

I also read another book, which got some looks from strangers, as I rode and read it on the subway in the morning. It was by an award winning blogger and writer names Mark Mason. It has a bright orange cover with the title on the front in black bold font, called, “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F–K!

This book helps if you want to live life more on your terms, and be authentic about it. We can get caught up in the drama of it all and the message is basically, not to take it all to heart and to choose what truly matters, because in the end it is the moments that matter and we are all just a split second away from this glorious life being over!

It is well written, full of stories and anecdotes and in the end, you’re life will be better for having read this book…

Here too is Mark’s interview with Lewis Howes, it is a bit longer, but worth tapping into to hear something that will lift you up!



The third book is more hard core. It is called, “Work the System” by Sam Carpenter, the book and concepts discussed in it, help you if you are in business, by helping you get better at running your business, so it doesn’t run you!

Sam was going through a crisis in his business, where money was tight, he couldn’t meet payroll, his life, marriage and health were being compromised. When during an “All Nighter” at work he had an epiphany!

That how he ran his business was out of whack! He needed to develop systems to help run his business and life more systematically!

The concepts, methodology and the freebies you can get on the books website make this read well worth it. It will help you think differently about how you run your business or approach your work!

He shares some critical concepts to help your life or businesses into pinpoint processes and systems and continue to work on improving them.

The Japanese call it “CANI”! Constant and Never-Ending Improvement!

Sam now works less and makes more in his business as a result of “Working the System”.

Here too is a 19


minute interview about the book with the author, you might find it helpful too!


Next week I will have 3 more books to share with you. But I promise you this, these books will have a positive impact on how you live, work and be!

Have a great long weekend!