Our 3rd installment of our summer reads series, books that will inspire, activate and help you succeed

Welcome to our third and final week of our summer reads series.

We have 3 more books that will inspire you, help you grow, succeed and even shift your thinking and having you take some bold actions!

The first book I want to cover is one that I read in March, I loved it. I loved the boldness of it. I loved how it gets you to shift your “stinking thinking” and encourages you to live large and in charge!

It is called, “You’re a bad ass” by Jen Sincero…


I personally found this book hard to put down, it is chock full of ideas, quotes, stories all designed to empower you into action and to help you live your best life.

The other key point about this book is this, it is not about hating your life, or yourself in the process, it is about loving what is and yourself and using the positive attributes you have to make change and have the confidence toward fulfilling your goals!

It is definitely a great summer read. Jen Sincero is real, candid and street smart and shares her journey and struggles that she had along the way!

After you read this, no one will kick sand in your face as you read it this summer on the beach!

Here is a interview with Jen Sincero, so you can get more of an idea of what the message is about.



Our 2nd book this week is another fabulous book, it is by Malcolm Gladwell, who has written the Tipping Point, Think, Blink and Outliers.

Outliers is the book I want to recommend.

This book is about why some people succeed and other don’t. Gladwell is amazing story teller and researcher. Each example of success is thought provoking and fascinating.

From the hours of work we need to put into our work and our craft in order to achieve success to cultural biases that get in the way of success or maybe cause us to have poor results. For example Gladwell, talks about how Korean Airlines has had a record of the most airline crashes/disasters than any other airline, The reason is that “culturally” they are raised not to question authority. Not to challenge those in a higher position, so when a plane is about to hit bad weather, the co-pilot will not challenge the Captain…or the Captain will not challenge the air traffic controllers at various airports…especially a push, busy loud controller at an airport like JFK in New York.

It would be wrong to talk back to the air traffic control people and understate the fact that you’re low on fuel and need to land immediately.

Gladwell,  also suggests the time of year you were born contributes to your having a successful hockey and soccer career! Who knew right?

It is a great read too, because it is fascinating and the stories are well written and crafted!

Here is a video of Gladwell talking about Outliers…now, one thing to know is that is it an older book, but it is still relevant.

Here is an interview with Malcolm Gladwell, with George Strombolopolous on the Hour…



Our last book is by leadership great John Maxwell. He has had an amazing career as a brilliant speaker, author, teacher and business expert.

The book I recommend it about “How Successful People Think”. In my work as a coach and what I see in my own life, is that now more than ever how we think is showing up in our life.

You must watch your thoughts. You have to change your limiting beliefs and let go of the old stories you heard as a kid telling you that you weren’t good enough! You must do this.

So, these books really help you to shift perspectives, past story lines and to change your thinking towards a more successful outcome!

John Maxwell’s book shares, ideas, stories and examples of how successful people act, think and do.

I always believe that if we model other successful business owners and people in the world of leadership, and in the socio-political landscape, that we can adopt some of these characteristics, habits and thinking and help us to use it in our own lives!

John Maxwell is a giant in the leadership, motivational and success business…I don’t think you will be disappointed with this book!

Here too is a video with John Maxwell on Success! It is the 10 rules for Success…enjoy the message!


So, this summer can be a big success. Keep the dream, goals insight!

Keep as positive as you can, don’t let your old fears, disappointments, beliefs cloud your journey…focus on the outcomes you want.

These books that I have reviewed will help you do just that!

Have an amazing summer, do well!

Cheers/David Cohen