Lessons learned while being grounded

It is now 2 and a half weeks since I have been in a cast…yes, this big honking thing is now my new fashion statement…

Each week, I get the toe examined and I get a new colour…this week I am sporting a combination orange and pink cast…it is quite the fashion statement.

The panic and anxiety felt during the first week has subsided and I am allowing the healing to happen, by taking pressure off the toe, so it can heal. I trust it is healing, I can’t see it until I go back to the hospital and see the orthopedic surgeon today!

But, truth is, this cast has me grounded. Driving is out because it is on my driving foot and you don’t want me even attempting a drive in the country…

Doing my morning walk and or exercise is also on hold, so is showering! I am grounded…I don’t leave the friendly confines of my home too much these days. Yes visitors are welcome…

So, as challenging as the cast is, the good news is I am healing, the care at the clinic and North York General Hospital is outstanding!

But there are other blessings that I have had the pleasure of.

Friends have visited me and taken me out for coffee, I went to lunch with one friend, one took me out to do grocery shopping and one came by to sit with me outside yesterday.

I think I have seen my friends more than I normally would if I was out and about, working, doing stuff…

I have had phone calls, Facebook messages, emails of people and associates checking in on me.

But, wait there are more miracles. My niece has visited me 3 times, we have had a chance to connect even deeper. To talk, understand each other and support one another!

I am closer to my sisters…my sister in Ottawa has called me every day to check in. My sister here in Toronto takes me to see the orthopedic surgeon at the hospital…

My team at work with the City of Toronto has been supportive and thank God for sick pay, or I’d be in a real jam!

Other blessings have been support from people, I’d never expect, people like Mena Canonico and her colleague Rose McMullen…I have received coaching and healing from them both!

Or Selena Moon for sending healing, or Zsuzanna Porter for having her church send prayers my way!

Oh the blessings have been numerous and so appreciated.

I have had a chance to heal, meditate, learn, let go, journal and even write this article…plus my new book is finished and on Amazon!

Sure, the challenges are great, frustrating, real, painful at times (the anxiety and panic attack on the first night that I had the cast on was frightening).


But, the blessings have been way greater than the challenges.

Here are a few reminders to share with you.

  1. Look into the challenge…don’t be afraid, because when you look into the challenge, you may see something in you that needs to change and changing a behaviour, belief or thought pattern isn’t always comfortable.

2. Understand the challenge, what are the causes. What is the root cause? Is it old thinking? Actions you take? What belief that is working against you? It is time to transcend those and transform yourself. You can do it…believe me you can do it!

3. Let go of the challenge and the old thoughts, beliefs and patterns and choose new thinking around this.

4. Look at your challenge as an opportunity. A challenge is a gift…you need to see past the challenge and into the future.

5. Visualize what you want in the future? Write down an action plan or your goals as to how you are going to allow a brighter future to find you!!!

6. Trust. Trust that the challenge is God’s (Universe) way of getting your attention. Write to the challenge, what does it want from you? Get real with the challenge and trust that this too is what needs to happen and that you will get past it.

7. Breathe…breathe…cry, let it out, let out your hurt, worry, fear and beliefs about your challenge…let it out…it is totally okay, you don’t need to be a hero…you just have to take it (pardon the pun) one step at a time…

In closing, I hope to take more steps soon…I accept visits, calls, and prayers as I continue to heal.

My aim for you is that through my experience, that you can learn, grow and adapt.

Have a beautiful labour day weekend ahead and do well!


David Cohen