How a few simple acts can shift your mindset and turbo charge your outcomes


Have you ever an taken action, even though your thoughts say “No”!

Like ask someone on a date, even though your thoughts are screaming don’t do it, you could get rejected, you will feel really badly, they might laugh at you, they are out of your league!

I don’t know about you, but these negative thoughts, are hard-wired within all of us. It keeps us safe and prevents us from being hurt (physically or emotionally). That inner voice can also prevent you from danger too. However, that very inner voice, keeps us from really living.

If we give in to it, we wouldn’t take risks, feel alive, try new things, stretch ourselves, get what we want, start a new business, or a diet.

If we give into the negative “No don’t” thoughts, we’d never move ahead. We’d be sitting on the couch inside our homes and not going outside and living life.

How on earth do we banish those negative, “No don’t” thoughts. The truth is, I don’t think you can.


However, according to my research you can take action that run against your thoughts!

This is the key to making great things happen.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a leading researcher and speaker/teacher in the field of neuroscience, epigenetics and quantum physics.

His work has you going into your past trauma’s and then look at the beliefs that came out of the past. He asks, “What thoughts and behaviours” did you take on when you got your heart-broken by the first girl who broke up with you, or when you lost a job, or worse when you lost a parent?

We tend to create some hard thoughts, truths and beliefs when something bad happens to us. The key to this according to Dr. Dispenza, is to go back to that moment in time and really examine those thoughts, beliefs and behaviour that we begin to adopt.

The other key to Dr. Dispenza’s work is to acknowledge these thoughts, but to let them go and adopt new thoughts and beliefs that are more supportive and loving.

He really teaches us how to re-wire the brain and fire new nerves and thus shifting our beliefs. One way to do this is to be aware of when something bad happens to us now (I don’t like to simplify it into something bad, because it just is…it is when we face a challenge that we don’t like), and we begin to believe the old beliefs, thoughts and the old behaviours show up as our defense mechanism…is simply to yell out, “Change”!

Change the old the thinking and thought processes and replace with a new thought, or belief that is more supportive.

You will soon realize, this is harder to do when the situation arises. We are so used to the old beliefs, patterns and thoughts that they have such a power over us, that to simply yell out “Change” and replace those negative thoughts with new more supportive ones is going to be a challenge at first, but like anything new it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

I encourage you to be aware of your old beliefs, patterns and thoughts and change it up when they come up in response to the challenges you face!

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The other expert is speaker, lawyer, author, Mel Robbins. She wrote the book, the 5 second Rule…and it talks too about re-wiring your thoughts. The thoughts that keep you locked into the current comfort zone.

The thing is the current comfort zone, tends to wear out. It becomes uncomfortable after a  while. It is like the old couch, that you have a challenge letting go of.

When you first buy the couch, it is gorgeous, comfy, it goes with your colour scheme, but eventually, the material will become worn out, someone might spill red wine on it, a spring might go and although it is your favourite couch of all time, you know in your heart, it has to go and you must buy a new one…

This is like your comfort zone, like an old couch, it is not too comfortable anymore and you must stretch and get out of that comfort and reach higher. When you reach higher, good new things can happen and really expand your world in a way that is truly powerful!

Robbins, suggests that you practice the 5 Second Rule, that you train your brain to act on your ideas and thoughts within 5 seconds, by simply counting down, 5-4-3-2-1 then act…go…ask that nice person out on a date, make that cold call to a prospect, book that meeting, ask your bank for a business loan…

The thinking according to Mel Robbins is this, that we mostly never want to do anything. If you have a teenager at home, you can totally relate…they don’t want to clean their room, do homework, get off of Play Station, etc.

But, to rewire our brain, we simply need to count down 5-4-3-2-1 and GO!

Do that morning walk, hit the gym, call a new client, ask that cute guy or girl out on a date or yes even clean your room…

It is that simple. When you have a thought or desire to do something, do it!

The last expert I want to refer to is coach and author Gary John Bishop. His new book is called “UnF–k Yourself-Get out of your head and into your life”

One of the many core lessons in this book is this:

I am not my thoughts; I am what I do

Again, the message is to act. Act despite your past trauma, past mistakes, your financial situation, the economy, the excuses, what Donald Trump tweeted today, just act…take that first step!

Another key concept in this easy to read “Self Help” book is this…and it is to ask yourself if you are “Willing”. Are you willing to make change? Are you willing to become a millionaire? Or to take off those 50 pounds?

Do a check in and ask yourself if you are willing…if it is no, then that is okay, don’t waste time acting on something you really aren’t willing to change.

Act on the things you really want to change!

As we move into a new season soon, as we get back into the groove after a relaxing summer, it is really vital, that if you want to have new outcomes and results, then we have to do these 5 critical things:



  1. Realize what old beliefs, thoughts and patterns you are carrying with you that might be in the way of you being successful.
  2. Let go of past trauma’s and hurts, it is all okay, you are not alone, all of us have had hurts, trust issues, a break-up, a parent issue…(I know this isn’t so cut and dry) but somehow it is important to let go, forgive (forgive yourself first), and come to some kind of peace,
  3. Acknowledge the trauma, the beliefs, thoughts, patterns and let go and simply command your brain to change your thought process and adopt a new more supportive belief and truth! Yes, fake it until you make it!
  4. Act! Count down, 5-4-3-2-1…yes you won’t feel like doing anything and if you listen to the negative beliefs, that keep you safe and away from getting outside your comfort zone…you simply must act!
  5. Ask yourself, what you are willing to change…if you aren’t willing, it won’t happen…you must want to make new things happen!

Have a great week, remember no matter what, you are a fabulous human being…look at your life, realize all the challenges you have faced and overcome and you are still here!

Look at all the good you do, the lives you touch, the difference you make, take an inventory of all of the good you do and have done!

Own it.

Be proud…and believe new, even better things are on the horizon!