Lessons Learned from Overcoming Shame, Challenges and Fear

I am reading a book by Brené Brown. She is a PhD LMSW. Her work, writing and Ted Talks centers around shame and being able to overcome it.

But at the root of our behaviours is shame. We try and avoid it at all costs and yet it is hard to run from. We all have shame. Whether it is about our body image, jobs we do, our income, what we owe, being a parent or a child, or maybe we aren’t as “successful” in our businesses as we’d like to be.

The underlying emotion is shame. It hits us in all relationships in a variety of ways. In romantic relationships we fear if they will love us or worse leave us once they discover who we really are.

It takes being vulnerable to manage our shame. It takes communication and a good dose of being able to laugh at ourselves too!

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