Get ready to sell

In my role as a coach/facilitator I see a number of business owners really reluctant to sell…
One of the key first steps towards becoming a master at it is to prepare. But, you might ask, what do I need to do to prepare?

First of all get clear on your value, what you do to help the client, what results you provide your clients and those you serve.

Stock up on knowledge about your product or service, know more about your industry and who is doing well and why they are succeeding. Tap into their “Success Secrets”.

Then know your clients, figure out their pain and challenges and tailor your sales and marketing messaging around being a solutions provider to help your clients solve those challenges or problems,

One other key to success is this. Know who want to do business with. Develop a contact list of at least 50 “Hot Prospects”. These can be people you know, or companies and industries you want to work with. Remember, you are in business for yourself now…you can work with any one you choose…so choose wisely and make sure that your prospective buyers or “Hot 50” have a need, a challenge, a budget (money is nice) and are open to having a new or alternative supplier.

But do your preparation work before you reach out to call on someone.

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