Research comes first!

When you’re getting set to sell, one of the key the first steps before you make a call, develop your contact list, visit a client, present a proposal is to research.

But what do we need to research? Well, don’t look too far outside of yourself.

“Know thyself”, as the philosopher Socrates once claimed!

It is vital that you know your benefits and how what you do impacts your clients. What results do you deliver? Do you save time, save money? Do you improve health, make teams work better, solve a problem? What is it that you do for your clients?

If you’re still scratching your head wondering what you do to impact your clients life, bottom line or business in a positive way, then do your research…

Ask your clients, how working with you has impacted them. They will tell you…or ask for a testimonial from your clients.

Failing that do a Google news check about your industry…you will see story after story about how companies in your field have impacted clients in a positive way.

So, I just did a Google News search on Virtual Assistants and up came some stories on this industry sector…in fact one article online published on September 19th, 2019 shared 47 things a Virtual Assistant can do for you!

Here is the link, see for yourself, it is brilliant!

What is a Virtual Assistant – and 47 Tasks They Can Do for You…

Now if you’re a Virtual Assistant read this article and now you can share with a prospective “new” buyer what a Virtual Assistant does to help clients… I don’t advise that you use all 47 points when you call someone for the first time, but lead with a few key value added points and then ask if the prospect would be interested in achieving these results and if so, would they be open to meet you to learn how you can help them get these results and more!

Research yourself, your industry, the success stories first…

Then you want to research information about your clients industry. You want to get into your clients world…and know what they are challenged by and how you can help them overcome some of their issues/problems that they face.

If you are aware of their challenges and have ideas and solutions for them, well guess what you are onto something! If you call or chat with a client focused on these problems they might face and how you can help solve them, you will find your clients/prospects very open to want to meet you to learn more…

For example say for example you are a Human Resources company…and you work with small business owners who don’t have an H.R. department…now you do a Google check on the issues that small business owners have as far as their H.R. needs go…watch what happens…

This time I did a Google News check on this… “Human Resource Issues for Small Business Owners and one of the articles that came up was one about why Small Business Owners need an H.R. specialist…this kind of information is gold, because it backs up and supports the needs for what it is you do in your business and it is a fabulous way to begin a sales/marketing conversation…here is the link to this article on Google News…it is bang on!

Research can do so much to help you in your business and with your sales process, don’t be too quick to sell, do your homework first and develop your core value proposition and be clear on how you help your client/prospects get results they want!

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