26 Minutes With is about honouring leaders, change-makers, impact-makers and those brave enough to do things differently. From our heart and soul, we aim to make the world a more just, compassionate, better world to live, work, connect and play in.

26 Minutes With is geared to inspiring, empowering and encouraging the “Entrepreneurial leader” spirit and those who do and act courageously.

The podcast that can bring positive change to the world.

26 Minutes With is a podcast that defends those that have a different view, that come from the heart and have the courage to speak up, act and affect positive change.

Heart and soul leadership is missing in the world today. What if we need to awaken to new ideas and possibilities and the track we are going on is not always the best? We need to have dialogue, open, honest and raw at times to discover this truth.

Each week, we will feature great guests who are making a difference for good and yes, some might even rock the boat. Dive in deeper with our additional bonus episodes with each guest.

Whether it is how we do business, leading at work, making communities stronger, eradicating poverty and touting abundance, or new ways to heal and be healthy, or changing politics, social/economic issues or empowering youth to be all they can be and learning from our elders, this show is a journey of ideas, solutions and new thinking that has create a “Vision” for where and who we want to be!

Please enjoy our podcasts and share it with others who might benefit.

Join us for weekly 26-30 minute podcast/posts and then a deeper dive (more time with our guests)

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Week One:

One year ago an event happened in Canada, that galvanized people coast to coast It was also divisive too. We talk about how trucker, after trucker came to Ottawa to stand up for those who were chastised for making different choices. We talk to one of the organizers, Tom Marazzo and his take on…

  • Lessons learned one year after
  • The recent Emergency Measures Act and trial
  • The state of our country
  • What needs to happen moving forward.

Here is our deeper dive

We go a little deeper with Tom Marazzo and continue our discussion on the aftermath of last years Freedom Convoy and what as citizens we need to be mindful of as we look at some systemic issues socially, politically and economically.

Week Two:

We talk Men’s health with Bryan Hardy…it is real and candid. Health has come so into focus these past 3 years, from mental health, to boosting our immune system. It is a vital topic, here the first part of our chat. Enjoy!

Here is the deeper dive with Bryan Hardy…we go in just a bit more as we talk men’s health and well-being.

Week 3:

John White is the co-founder of Circling, a transformational experiential personal growth program that is having profound affects on relating, authentic communication and enriching our connections with other including ourselves.

Part one of 26 Minutes with gets into it and the deeper dive uncovers some real nuggets and gems too!

Our deeper dive provides more insights and ideas and if you want that, listen in… and enjoy our chat with John White

Week 4:

26 Minutes with Explores the Impact of trauma, with guest Rachael Thompson, she and I go one-on-one and unpack the effects and ways to find peace and work positively with our trauma’s.

#trauma, #healingwork, #selflove, #reikihealing

The Deeper Dive

We look at the impact trauma has on our entire lives and how to look at it, heal it or find peace and then move forward without in a more loving and life affirming way!

Our guest is healer, thought leader and YouTuber, Rachael Thompson, (Reiki Rachael)

#trauma #RachaelThompson, #healing, #mentalwellness

Week 5

We go one-on-one with a woman who is all about impact, making her community a little bit better, kinder, more tolerable, and giving hope in times where hope doesn’t always exist.

Whether it is her work with newcomers, women entrepreneurs, men who are challenged, economically, spiritually and emotionally. Or her work with youth-at-risk and families in need, Moy Fung, shares here passion, inspiration and her work with various communities that she reaches.

#family #men #socialservices #impact #moyfung

The Deeper Dive

We speak to Moy Fung about her business and passion to give back and serve those who have social, mental health and economic challenges.

She is one person who makes an impact everywhere she goes. She is committed to making the world a bit better with her new venture, a non profit venture that helps, women, families, men and youth at risk. Solid Rock family services.

Week 6

We talk with leadership coach, author and speaker Dr. Lance Secretan about his new book, made to inspire and assist us in change…with a human and soul perspective.

These past 3 years have rocked many in life, our social/economic foundations and in politics too…

Reawakening the Spirit Within gives us practical tools to lead in business, politics and life. There is no better expert to have this dialogue with!

#leadership #businesssuccess #blueprintforleading #drlancesecretan

The Deeper Dive

We take a Deeper Dive into the key leadership concepts of the book Awakening the Human Spirit, and how companies, organizations and those who are in business for themselves can lead and create positive changes and shifts. “If it is meant to be, it’s up to me.”

#leadership #lancesecretan, #inspiration, #heartcenteredbusiness #awakeningthehumanspirit

Week 7

This week, we connect with Rose Davidson. Rose is based in Australia and is doing some important work, assisting victims of Domestic Violence, to speak up, heal and re-build. Rose is doing some remarkable work and took hold of the “torch” when asked to help out a local organization with there administrative department, now she is leading two initiatives that are spreading the light on domestic violence.

#domesticviolence #hopeandhealing #rosedavidson

The Deeper Dive

We go a bit deeper into exploring how we can limit the cases of Domestic Violence and begin to heal the kids, the men and women that are all impacted by it. Rose Davidson is our guest and talks about how to organizations she is involved with are shedding light and hope.

#domesticviolence #makinganimpact #rosedavidson #hopeandhealing

Week 8- What Strategies do you need to move through a recession?

This week, we connect with Matthew De Berardinis and we talk money, with the volatility in the markets and in the banking sector, how can we navigate it and put some wise strategies in place. Matthew knows his stuff and is an engaging speaker.

#recessionproof #moneymanagement #soundmoneydecisions #leadership

The Deeper Dive: Worried about bank failures?

We go a deeper into the banking failures and what impact it can have. The key is to have a diversified plan and get the advice of a financial strategist. We talk with Matthew De Berardinis about bank closures, fear versus greed and some good planning.

#finance #moneymanagement #leadership #bankfailures