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Wanting to shift your business?

You could be in start-up phase and want to start strong…or you might be in business already and like many of us in business, you are experiencing change, a shifting economy, the reality is being in business today can be a bit stressful, lonely and it is moving a mile a minute!

This current business climate that we are in has caused you to lose the edge. The passion isn’t what it used to be. Your reason for getting into business needs to be re-examined.

Or your customer’s needs are changing and the market has changed and you just want to keep up with the changes and succeed in spite of the situation we face collectively as business owners in 2018!

If you are seeking new ideas, a business plan, a sales and marketing plan that gets you the R.O.I you want to have happen. Or, maybe it is time to re-ignite your vision, purpose and passion.

If you want access to that sounding board to help you through the times when you meet with resistance, challenges and change, then both myself and my team will help you get through those business issues and towards, joy, success, fun and profitability!

Take the time to explore the various coaching, learning and business or personal development programs and learn more about our team as well.

Together we will come up with a customized coaching/consulting solution that works for you, your business, your life and your bottom line


Or are you wanting to obtain that career that you desire?

Our team of coaches, have the experience, connections, understanding and the strategies you need to succeed in today’s job market.

To say the job market is changing and or volatile is an understatement.

Connect with us and let’s help you design the approach to get you the career you love!

Did you know we now teach Personality Dimensions?

What is Personality Dimensions?

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. The primary author, Lynda McKim, builds on the foundations established by the work of David Keirsey, Linda Berens, et al, and a history of temperament theories that spans 25 centuries.

This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada over two decades to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies.

Drawing on the results of current validation studies that included participants from across Canada, and years of observation of interpersonal preferences demonstrated in workshop settings, Personality Dimensions® fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model that will make a lasting positive impact.

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