Each month we write an article for Home Business Magazine!

Here are the links to our most recent  business articles to help you succeed!

Each month we write for Home Business Magazine:

Here’s the link to it and the many other articles online in the magazine.

Our December article looks at the leadership lessons on the TV show Blue Bloods and what you must do to make 2022 a “F-I-N-E” year ahead!  Here is the link!

Make Next Year a F-I-N-E Year

Here is the link to the October/November post.

Dare to Visualize, Dream, and Plan as We Approach a New Year Ahead!

Our October/November article talks about dreaming and visualizing your goals…if you need a reminder to let go and imagine your future, you may see amazing results!

Our Beliefs Shape Our Present Moment

In September we talked about adding empathy and the EQSP approach to how you sell. It’s about a 5 minute read, with a few good nuggets of ideas to help you sell and do business.

Can I Get a Little EQSP? Why Having an EQSP Can Help You Succeed in Sales Today!

In August we talked about selling in a consultative manner using the 7 step sales process…this is chock full of strategies to grow your venture. Here is your access link:

Set Sales for Success: 7 Steps to Great Results

In July, we took on why you need to pay attention to the “Operations” side of your business and create an organization that flows well, yes, process, procedures and policies matter, but it doesn’t have to be boring, it can be fun and highly creative, here is the link:


Big Time Operators: Do Business Like You Mean It

June: In June’s article we talk about the value of having a mastermind team, a mentor or accountability partner. In this day and age of fear and uncertainty, don’t go it alone. Surround yourself with good people…here is the link, to accesss ideas and inspiration:

How a Supporting Cast Can Get You Through the Tough Times

Below are more past articles for you to engage in.

Here are the links to read previous articles, each one is about a 4 minute read…please enjoy, comment, share, and like!

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Our June article is up online and it shares how to care for your customers  during this time we are in…


Here is the May article on some sure fire strategies to ensure your PASSED upon graduating from COVID-19


Our April Article looks at Stepping up your game in the middle of a crisis…enjoy the read.


As we enter into a new month and a busier time of year it is important to take stock of the time and energy we spend on the various aspects of both our business and life.

In this article in Home Business Magazine, I take a look at how to manage your time more effectively and be able to let go of the things that aren’t serving you.

It is all about healthy productivity!

Here is the link to the article…please enjoy it and may September be a successful, abundant month!