Choose a coaching program that matches your business goals and objectives…from sales and marketing coaching, to business plan development, or social media strategy, the bottom line is to get you focused, in action and seeing positive changes and results!
We have 5 coaching programs that are geared to get results!


1. None of us like the thought of cold calling and the idea of selling is kind of icky or sleazy…well when you work with the team at the David Cohen Group, we will develop a business growth strategy that suits you, your market and that gets results. Are you ready to work with us? Email us and don’t forget to ask for how you can use the 6 Step Sales Process Report to help you increase your sales!


2. General business coaching is anything but general, it is about helping you create a vision, a mission, and your value proposition. To help you understand your value, your ideal client, and develop an action plan or plans around communicating how you can actually make your customer’s life or business that much better. From business plan development to developing an operations plan, to having a clear-cut sales and marketing strategy, our business coaching is not general at all…it is top notch!


3. Let’s face it. If you’re like most entrepreneurs your social media engagement is not yielding you the results you want. Let’s chat and see what methods, messages, markets you might need to adjust to begin to connect you with your ideal customer in a way that positions you as an expert in your field and that showcases your company in a way that gets you improved, measurable returns on your social media marketing tactics and investments.


4. The Life Force Program: This is a group think-tank, mastermind approach to your life, business or career. It is geared to those who are 50+ and have lost an edge in their life’s work, business, life and just want to re-ignite the passion, re-discover the joy, re-discover your purpose.
Co-facilitators and coaches that are making a difference. Our goal is to help you through roadblocks in this 6-week session and get you up and running, with a little Mojo!

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