At the David Cohen Group, a big part of what we do to help small business owners is to host events.

We host events that at the heart of what we do is about Supporting you to succeed…that is our #Commitment!

So use our drop down menu to check out our upcoming events, we are hosting a monthly web call to help support you in launching your idea, business or initiative called Ignition On, starting on October 7th, 2019

Plus starting on October 4th we are hosting a monthly web call to help you change your relationship with money… It is a money call…Called Fun Financial Fridays, because making money, saving money, making it go further can be a ton of FUN!

Oh and in November we are hosting a webinar on selling through the Mississauga Small Business Enterprise Centre…4 weeks, 4 webinar classes to share how you can grow your business in a positive service provider, thought leader sort of way!

Our goal is to help small business owners succeed…it is that simple…and our workshops, web classes, events, coaching, our team are all committed to that…it is our #Commitment to you!