The Weekly Shift-The Webinar Series:

The Weekly Shift is coming soon!

Join us for a  beginning on April 24th and for 4 consecutive Wednesdays for the Weekly Shift-Web Learning Series…

This will be hosted by David Cohen and Rachael Thompson…


Here is a little promo video too!

The weekly shift is a 4 week-web based learning series, that will have you looking to clear your past limits, beliefs, the inner critic and that voice that holds you back…and then together in a small group format we will begin to Shift into the new!

In this program you will learn:

Source where are limiting beliefs come from

Identify it’s hold on you

Learn to begin to let go

Learn to really know how magical you are

How affirmations, new beliefs and actions can set you free Learn to create from trust and from your heart

Heal, grow, learn, be challenged to become the greatest version of yourself

Begin to “level up” this year!

But be prepared to shift this coming April.

To register email us at

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