The Re-Think it series


The Re-think it Series will be a panel discussion on the things that matter, we will interview the game changers and new thinkers about work, business, health, money, and spirituality.

This will be an interactive event, where the audience can partake in the discussion. The goal is to get us to re-think our life and create a life, a society we love.

On June 14th at 7 pm at the CSI Annex (Bathurst and Bloor) we host our first event!

It is on the how to move past change, loss, grief and to become resilient, whole and empowered…here’s more…

On Thursday June, 14th, we are going to do talk…

We are going to take on a topic that affects us all…

About 16 months ago, I had an idea to do a talk series…

There are a lot of issues facing us these days and I wanted to host a compelling event for people to attend, learn, leave feeling hopeful, for people to connect and have a different night out!

Every quarter, we will host an interactive panel discussion. Because, we need to talk sometimes…

Our first one is on June 14th at 7 pm, at the CSI Annex…on Bathurst just south of Bloor…(where Honest Eds used to be)

On this night we are going to talk about dealing with change, loss and grief and how we can truly heal, forgive, move forward, be resilient and empower ourselves again!

This impacts you, me, and those close to us who are dealing with a variety of issues it seems these days!

Join us we have an interactive group discussion with a remarkable panel that includes:

Andrea Kwan

Jennifer Beale

and Martin Wales

Plus, you will be part of the discussion too…as this will be an interactive panel discussion and we want you to ask questions. You are a key part in this event and we’d love to have you attend.

You can also network, connect, build community and learn!

I truly hope you can make it, this will be a great event/night out!

Sincerely, David Cohen


I truly hope you can make it, this will be a great event/night out and to register log onto…and take advantage of our early bird price point until May 31st.



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