Ignition On!

December 9th 2019

Can you feel it in your bones? Change is happening, yet we aren’t sure what it looks like, or sometimes what’s happening…but inside us is a desire to bring something cool to the world…out gift, talent, hope, encouragement.

For me it is to support others who maybe need it right now…because let’s face this life can be a bit of a kick in the gut at times.

Yes, there are moments of joy and tenderness, but the changes and shifts we have experienced have been at times a bit too much!

But it is our time now…so…

If you’re launching something, creating something wanting to make a shift or bring something new to the world, these monthly calls are for you!

Just jump in and take part, we’re going to give you the ideas, strategy to really make things happen and the support to keep going and work through your challenges and any adversity.

We’re about building a community of “Change Agents”

Register today and be a part of Ignition On Mini Coaching Calls…Get Ready to Start Something Amazing!

Ignition On-A Monthly Success Team On-line Meet-up to help you create something amazing. If you are about to launch, wanting to launch, need ideas and a little monthly support to help you in your path, then this is a Pay-What-You-Can monthly event, starting on October 7th and the first Monday of every month!

Ignition On-With Rachael Thompson and David Cohen

Join us for a mini-laser coaching call with 2 coaches/perspectives. Rachael brings the intuitive, psychology expertise and David brings the business strategy and planning skills to the table

Book your mini-session on Monday December 9th and pay what you can after you’ve had your session. We are confident you will get ideas and value, but you can pay what you can after your session to reflect the value you got.

This is happening from 9-12, but your session is 20 minutes…and it is to help you get the goods you need to succeed and have the support you need to make your move in 2020!

But be prepared to Succeed  this coming December and throughout 2020!

To register email us at dcohen@thedavidcohengroup.com
This is a Zoom Webinar Call, so you can just stay home in your own cozy confines…

Or go onto PayPal and register there!

Cheers to your success! Rachael and David