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Tap into our Joy of 6 Sales Sessions, or our One Day Marketing Boost! Plus, our team building sessions and if you are really looking to make a difference on the bottom line talk to us about our G.R.E.A.T. Customer Service Program.

We get into the “nitty” gritty business stuff too, like business planning, market research, operations. Or dare to dream and take our Vision/Mission Goal Setting Sessions complete with you and your team doing a Vision Board-Lastly we’ve teamed up to offer your team a little fun, laughter, and creativity with our Improv “Team Builder” sessions…these spur on communication, creativity and presentation skills.

Pie chart of most requested learning programs

The David Cohen Group is a coaching, learning and consulting company. Our services include some of our key training programs, followed up by a back-end suite of tele-coaching classes/workbooks, online learning and peer-to-peer study programs to back up the training programs and give you the ongoing guidance and support you need to succeed.

We will have products as well and that includes, workbooks, a business book, our business tips e-book and or calendar and our SWIFT charts.

Our products support our training and coaching programs.

We love to speak and lead training programs in our core 10 offering;

Each of our learning programs is geared to helping you get better results, implement creative marketing and selling strategies that will increase your business and bottom lines!
Our training programs can be in person or online!

We love to offer webinars, in-house learning programs and events.

Our team can also customize the learning to fit your companies objectives too!

Here are our core learning programs:

They include;

  1. The Sales Boost-the EQSP and 7 step sales process
  2. The Business Plan Boot camp
  3. The Power of a Niche
  4. 1 day marketing boost
  5. The 1 day (we divide this into, 2 half days) Sales Clinic -Selling like a BOSS!
  6. Operations
  7. Time Management
  8. Mental Well-ness for entrepreneurs…strategies to keep well, balanced and practising self-care
  9. How Grit and Resiliency are key to success
  10. The Power of Beliefs, visualization and creating a purpose driven venture
  11. Vision, mission, values and goals!
  12. The money belief
  13. The RPM program-Research, Planning and Make it Happen
  14. Making it work in the Canadian Job Market- fpr newcomer youth and adults

*All of our learning programs can be modified or customized*

They Love us, they really love us…

“Excellent.  It reminded me of what I have been doing for years as a volunteer.  His presentation style low key approach is wonderful.  I like him!”

“Such an inspiring speaker!”

“David is really creative with his deliver.  The session was both independent and interactive.  Also loved the videos he showed us.”

Success Strategies for Small Business

Here is a course description of our training programs:

One Day Marketing Boost

Marketing your Business – Part 1
In this session you will look at what goes into planning and executing a marketing campaign, what some low-cost marketing initiatives you must be taking advantage of and also how you can tap into on line social marketing initiatives. You will also learn about how to position your business and yourself as a “thought leader”, as a business that provides information and value to your clients, prospects and to the market.

Marketing your Business – Part 2
They say that everything you do is marketing. From how you answer the phones, to how you deal with clients and prospective buyers…to how you dress and even showing up on time for meetings…everything you do is marketing! You will learn some marketing basics like the 5 P’s of marketing, the promotional mix, and the 3 key marketing strategies every business must have.

The Joy of Six-6 Steps to Sales Success

 The 7 Step Sales Process and EQSP

This session will look at the sales process and how you can take the fear out of cold calling. You will understand the power a cold call has and how it actually helps you to a) build business relationships and b) its a terrific way to get market research first hand. We will work on your scripting, targeting the buyers, understanding the cold call process and knowing that it’s one key way to develop long term business relationships.

Contact Selling

Course Description:  This course will detail the sales process and how to approach each step from customer attraction or lead generation to the sale. We will look at ways to enhance the core areas of the Sales Process. From how Step 1,  being Prepared is essential for overall success. Then Step 2 discusses how (Research) can help you target and address your key niche market, to how to move to Step 3 and conduct the prospecting process more effectively to how to structure Step 4 (A client needs analysis) or a sales discovery with a client and then to delivering and developing (Step 5 a sales presentation) an award winning sales presentation. Plus, we review why it is vital to do great work in Step 6 and to check for client satisfaction.  In the last step in the sales process (Step 7-Follow up) and the importance of following up and nurturing the client relationship so that you continue to serve the client and get their business. The take away is that each participant will have access to a more effective way to sell and work with a prospective client in a way that’s easy to manage.

Here is more of the course outline below:



The 7 step sales process along with the EQSP approach: Selling  on purpose: Selling your value, knowing your clients, solving problems and delivering solutions:


This web learning series will cover the seven-step sales process in depth.  It is a consultative sales approach!

This course will detail the sales process and how to approach each step from client attraction and marketing tips. Plus, we will look at ways to enhance the core areas of the Sales Process.

It begins with Step one and that is being prepared to sell. The sales cycles and challenges we are facing in this market place, is forcing us to be at our best when it comes to selling. Being prepared means we need to be mentally, emotionally and physically ready to work with clients (Prospects and current customers alike).

We will then delver into how Step two, (Research) can help you target and address your key niche employer market, to how to move to Step 3 and conduct the prospecting process more effectively, so that we can connect to our customers in new and creative ways.

The goal of prospecting is to meet with the client and find out where they are at and how we can help them achieve results. The goal of prospecting is not to sell but to engage and book a “Client discovery call”. This is Step 4, where we will share how to structure the client meeting  and how you need to handle the “discovery session” with a client, to ensure there is a good business fit.

We will move onto part  5 where we discuss how to present yourself and what ideas, experience and solutions you bring to the client’s business or life. In this session it is imperative that we will also look at the last two steps in the sales process (Step 6-doing the work) making sure those you do work for are delighted with the outcomes . Plus knowing the value in asking for feedback and always have an approach of professionalism.

We then look at final stage of the  7-Step Sales Process (Step 7- The Follow up) and the importance of following up and nurturing the customer, developing long term relationships and being an ongoing value to the company or customer.

Plus, we will work the EQSP approach into the learning and that is really about having Empathy for our clients and the changes we’re going through, plus how vital it is to ask Questions, then position your organization as a Solutions provider and finally, to be Patient with the process.

Some of the key topics include, understanding your value, changing the way you traditionally look for employment, positioning yourself like an expert, getting clear as to what the client wants and needs and to see if you can be the “answer” to their needs. Finally, it is about nurturing the relationship and doing good work and being of service.

Personality Dimensions

What is Personality Dimensions?

Personality Dimensions® represents the next level of evolution in presenting temperament or personality theory. The primary author, Lynda McKim, builds on the foundations established by the work of David Keirsey, Linda Berens, et al, and a history of temperament theories that spans 25 centuries.

This dynamic tool is the culmination of the research and validation work that was done in Canada over two decades to support temperament theory, and to provide an easily understood methodology for building self-awareness, self-esteem, and effective communication strategies.

Drawing on the results of current validation studies that included participants from across Canada, and years of observation of interpersonal preferences demonstrated in workshop settings, Personality Dimensions® fosters increased self-knowledge through a facilitated self-discovery model that will make a lasting positive impact.

The Power of Niche Marketing

Tap into how to uncover your niche, why your own life story can set you apart from your competitors and ensure that your ideal customers connect and only buy from you…it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…but you’re going to have shift your thinking and how you look at your market…Are you ready to shift? In this interactive workshop you will be able to Identify the ideal client for you, hone in on communicating your benefits, stop wasting time and money on advertising, selling and marketing that does not work, craft your marketing story, develop a marketing message that connects to what matters to your ideal customer and develop a strategic outreach and marketing plan.

8-Ways to Life and Business Success – How I got to kiss the Stanley Cup

This is an hour-to hour and a half session keynote. The promise is that take this program will have 8 ways that they can succeed in their business. The key is to inspire and motivate those that take the program and get them to think differently about their life/business. The key to this program is to promote the 6 week tele-class program to follow.

The Business Plan Boot Camp

If you want to build a successful business, it’s important to develop a robust business plan. In this seminar, you’ll learn the elements of a business plan, understand the different types of business plans (one-page versus detailed), and leave with a draft business plan that will get your business started on the right foot.

VISION into 2022

In this full day course, the participant will really get clear on their personal and business goals so that they can really be able to execute their vision for their life and business. Being in business is much more holistic in reality. Each business owner brings their strengths, weaknesses, their personality, their gifts and talents to the table. In this session we will identify core values, core and key goals, how to plan, how to assess and track and how the very foundation of any business begins with a vision, a mission and the ability to put goals into action.

G.R.E.A.T. Service

In this session the participant will discover what leading companies are doing around the area of customer service. We will examine the success secrets of companies like Zappos, Zanes Cycles, Pikes Fish Market, Dr. Paddi Lund the dentist and Mitchell Richards Clothing store. We will identify some of the tactics and strategies that these companies are using to stay strong and successful in this economy. Participants will develop their own customer service strategies and learn that the one area of the business that small business owners can compete in is in how they manage the customer care experience. The key is in offering “G.R.E.A.T” service.

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