Welcome to the Peace, Passion, Prosperity Project, the goal is that through entrepreneurship, we can spread peace worldwide.

Through co-opetition as opposed to competition

Through living our true gifts and passions

Through loving who we work with and accepting those that we don’t want to work with

Through solving today’s complex problems and coming up with ideas, products and services to make positive changes on the planet!

Our request of you is to spread the word about this Project.  I believe when we live our best lives and love who we are and what we do…that when we contribute to others by doing what we are gifted to do that this can shift the world, our communities and our own lives all for the better!
The goal of the Peace, Passion, Prosperity Project is to build hope, community, to share what we are doing to bring this Project to realization. That peace can happen and as business owners we can make it happen.

Share your stories about how your business has made a difference to other, to your community, share pictures, ideas, stories…

Soon, once we have enough stories, pictures and shining examples from around the world as to how today’s entrepreneurs are being a force for good, for peace and for positive change…then we will share it in the media and also develop multi-social media projects and to publish a coffee table book, where entrepreneurs from around the world, share how they are contributing to peace, prosperity and passion in their own communities.

Help spread peace, passion and prosperity to all…and join the movement!


Best Regards!
David Cohen


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