Rise up, inspiring, socially aware, entrepreneurs-your weekly connection to how we can make a positive impact for the common good.

Back on Sunday August 29th at 9 am, we launched phase one of RiSE.

The podcast geared to inspiring, empowering and encouraging the “Entrepreneurial” spirit.

The podcast that can bring positive change to the world.

The podcast that defends the small business owner, creativity, new ideas, problem solving, independent critical thinking, finding a new path and way with passion and some blood sweat and tears to make it happen!

Each week, we will feature great guests who are making a difference for good.

Whether it is how we do business, leading at work, making communities stronger, eradicating poverty and touting abundance, or new ways to heal and be healthy, or empowering youth to be all they can be and learning from our elders, this show is a journey of ideas, solutions and new thinking that has create a “Vision” for where and who we want to be!

On August 29th, 9 am join us!

Join us for weekly 30 minute podcast/posts and grow with us as we expand into a radio show, and onto other podcast sites and live events that bring community together, to learn, collaborate and grow!

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We start with Week 6…if you want access to previous shows simply email us at dcohen@thedavidcohengroup.com and we will get the past shows you want into your email box.

Week 6: Emmy Rousseau talks Mental Health for Entrepreneurs and how we can move forward powerfully.

It is an important topic and please engage with the content.

Week 7:

How can we help our youth and teens, cope with stress, anxiety, change, bullying and social pressures of the day?Tune into RiSE the podcast as we go one on one with author, minfulness facilator, teacher and coach, Jennifer Green.We talk about how we can help our kids find calm, grounding and centred-ness.Simply click here to listen in!

Week 8: Our guest this week is Colleen Lindberg. Colleen is a coach, speaker, author, intuitive and in this episode we talk about being “Aligned” in how you run your business and in tune with your intuition, where you feel your way into running your venture.

Alignment, trusting your inner voice/intuition, proactive versus reactive, these are some of the topics Colleen and I discuss to help you get the most out of your venture.


Week 9: Rise the podcast:

We go one-on-one with Ralph MacLeod and Tracy Shea-Porter as wer talk about their amazing transformational work in leading corporate Improv workshops for organizations who want to raise the vibe at work.

Improv helps spur on creativity, enhances communications, improves employee engagement and inspires the team at work to share ideas freely and openly.

Yes Unlimited and the Socap theatre are doing amazing work in the area of bringing a little more fun to the workplace and to life as well as enhancing how we can have access to a new way of relating and honouring one another.

Enjoy the show!

Log onto www.yesunlimited.ca to learn more about Tracy and Ralph

Week 11: Sufferring from Burn Out? Here’s how you can face it and be real with your clients, stakeholders and team, to help you get your mojo back. Dwania Peele, shares her journey and she is candid, real and compassionate about it! Enjoy Week 11’s Show!

Week 12’s show is up…and wee go one-on-one with Rob Anderson, business consultant, videographer, story teller and one superb young man! W talk about bringing spiritual practices into play in how we do business and trust me it is the only way to do business moving forward!

Enjoy the show!

Week 13: This is about a story of hope, family, love, life lessons learned and how to manage our health, stress and well-being with Rose-Anne Turunen-Partridge.

Week 14: Kelly McCormick, talks business trends, how to manage in challenging times and what you need to do to succeed in them! It is a candid chat with a wonderful consultant, author and teacher.

Week 15: Join us as we chat with Laughter Yoga specialist Cathy Nesbitt, about managing stress, adding joy, making work go easier all with a heaping helping of laughter!

Week 16: Want to be inspired? Meet Kabunga Umar. He is a young Ugandan man behind, not one, but two foundations that are making a difference in his country. One is African Street Kids Dreams and the other is Compost Toilets. Find out what inspires this 26 year old to make positive change to the citiizens of his country!

We have a new Podcast on Leadership, where guests make tough choices from within. Our July guest is Dr. Julie Ponesse, please enjoy!

What happens when you take a stance for something you believe in and it costs you, your career, reputation and takes away some part of you, you worked hard for, your whole life?

This is not something you take lightly…it comes from deep within and it is not a decision one makes without thought, care and grace.

This happened to Dr. Julie Ponesse, she left her career in Academia by making a heartfelt choice, her story is below in our recent discussion.