Rise up, inspiring, socially aware, entrepreneurs-launches August 29th, 2021

Starting Sunday August 29th at 9 am, we are thrilled to launch phase one of RiSE.

The podcast geared to inspiring, empowering and encouraging the “Entrepreneurial” spirit.

The podcast that can bring positive change to the world.

The podcast that defends the small business owner, creativity, new ideas, problem solving, independent critical thinking, finding a new path and way with passion and some blood sweat and tears to make it happen!

Each week, we will feature great guests who are making a difference for good.

Whether it is how we do business, leading at work, making communities stronger, eradicating poverty and touting abundance, or new ways to heal and be healthy, or empowering youth to be all they can be and learning from our elders, this show is a journey of ideas, solutions and new thinking that has create a “Vision” for where and who we want to be!

On August 29th, 9 am join us!

Join us for weekly 30 minute podcast/posts and grow with us as we expand into a radio show, and onto other podcast sites and live events that bring community together, to learn, collaborate and grow!

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(Website forthcoming)

For more watch our promo video below!