Have you noticed that the world is a bit upside down? Between environmental issues, to pandemics or racial tensions and political wrangling as to who’s to blame and what party to support, quite frankly, I am tired…and I think you are too.

Please help me spread the word on this event.

I want to get as many people as possible joining hands (safely) or raising them in peace, unity and love for 5-10 minutes on Saturday August 8th at 11 am your time, where ever you are in the world until 11:05 am.

We need to change the narrative in the world today!

If peace is meant to be, then it starts with me…and it starts within.

This live event needs your helps to share it with as many people as possible to make it go viral and global.

Now, is not the time to play small and hide out and be insignificant. Now is the time to work to come together in peace, love, unity and harmony for 5 minutes at 11 am your time where ever you might live.

Hold hands (safely) with those you love or just raise a peace sign in the air for 5 minutes, while meditating on love and unity with all man and woman kind.

Then post your pictures on Facebook, Twitter and or Instagram about your experience.

You can join our Peace Passion and Prosperity Project Facebook Page and contribute photo’s and experiences!

Just click on here to join our Facebook Group.


There is no cost to this event, just show up. Share the message and let’s make this happen.

For more information on the challenge, watch the video below.