Have you noticed that the world is a bit upside down? Between environmental issues, to pandemics or racial tensions and political wrangling as to who’s to blame and what party to support, quite frankly, I am tired…and I think you are too.

Starting on Monday July 6th at 1 pm, you can tap into a 5 Day Peace Challenge as we speak to 5 compelling people about how we can achieve peace in our own lives.

It starts within.

Then on the 14th at 1 pm, I am going to be hosting a Live access (pay what you can) Zoom Panel Discussion Call around key issues about achieving Peace. From local initiatives, to ending racial inequality, to gun violence and just bringing forth new ideas to be a cause for peace in this lifetime.

Plus. We will announce the launching of an event that with your help can go Global.

This 5 day challenge will also include you getting an invititation for you to be on the guest list for a round table discussion on Tuesday July 14th at 1 pm for a live interactive Zoom call on what peace, unity and planetary love means to us!

As a bonus, we will give away daily prizes for taking part in the 5 day Peace Challenge.

This is a pay by donation event. Any amount helps and proceeds goes towards the Kids Help Phone Foundation

Here is who our guests are for the 5 day Peace Challenge:

Here are the daily Prizes:

A One Hour-channelled guidance for self growth advisory session with Fiona Jaynes

A 30 minute Reiki Session with Marilu Tapia from Good Growth Coaching

A guided meditation/hypnosis from Ryan Montis

A guest interview on Colleen Lindberg’s exciting new Podcast called “Dare to Be More”

And a coaching a career or business coaching call for 45 minutes with Cathy Ginsberg…

For more information on the challenge, watch the video below, donate above!