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Our new book is out and on Amazon:


Our new book is out and on Amazon: 

In this day and age of the changing economy, where the “Do it yourself” and “Gig” economy is now not such a new trend, but firmly entrenched as the way it is. The latest book by business coach, facilitator and broadcaster, David Cohen, helps guide both the new entrepreneur and existing entrepreneur towards a path of success! With 44 weekly lessons, The Weekly 3 acts as a companion along the sometimes lonely and challenging path that an entrepreneur takes. The book is divided into 5 sections that correspond to what is contained in a business plan and includes lessons on money sales, marketing, operations and management. The key is, that if you want to fast track your success then this book is a must read. It is ideal for the “Millennial” market that is going into business on a critical mass and those “45 plus” who are facing changes in their work life and want to begin their very own business! This book will be supported by a YouTube channel, webinars and a Linked In Group, to help further the learning and supports. Here is to your success!

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Life is changing at the speed of light it seems, careers are shifting, entire industries that we grew up with are totally fading away and new ones are coming in to the forefront. As Boomers, we need to adopt new ideas and strategies to succeed and one of those is having a “Plan B”… just in case you are or have experienced job loss, downsizing, rightsizing, or maybe just maybe in a moment of boldness, decide it’s time for you to “Bust Out” and it’s time for a change…it’s time to do your own thing… pursue your passion and launch your own business! In Bust Out-Ignite your Inner Entrepreneur you will get the ideas, tools, tips and resources to help you “Bust Out” and launch your venture successfully. We cite case studies, have you do workshops, share interviews, articles and load you up with very cool ideas to help you navigate the world of launching your own small business. So, if you’re a Boomer who is making the change, or you need to have a “Plan B” in place…if you have a dream, a vision, the drive and a darn good idea…then “Bust Out” is the book to help you Ignite Your Inner Entrepreneur!

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